Community Radio is not a technical enterprise, but a venture into building humanity and expanding community voice.

WNUC 96.7 lp FM will return media to treasured person-to-person connections --at a time when mainstream media have become less receptive than ever to our issues and concerns.


Radio remains relevant even in the digital age.  This is especially true in under-served communities where internet access is limited.

Community radio fulfills the basic desire for communication and self-expression and is on the forefront of today’s global democracy movements.

WNUC furthers two principal aims: 

  1. Cultural, political and artistic voices excluded elsewhere are heard.
  2.  Individuals and communities are strengthened & enriched.


Neighborhood  volunteers are trained and given a central role in radio production, operation and program development. Our collaborative has weekly Summer classes available for youth as well as station programming designed for their participation and interest. 

WNUC will remain responsive to grassroots needs and consistently seek input from listeners and the community at large.  The tower will be based in the North End neighborhood of District 5 and reach over 300,000 Detroit residents, from the North End to South-west to the Near East Side; plus: Hamtramck & Highland Park! Programming will also stream over the internet. 

Opportunities for leadership development will occur with public trainings for those interested in on-air programming, community engagement and other areas of operations.  These opportunities will be available to all Detroit & coverage area residents, so join us today!